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Working in Australia After Graduation – 5 Years On

It’s been almost 5 years since I graduated from the University of Melbourne. A quick recap of my work experience in Australia – I interned at in my last semester at university – through my graduation – until I found a full-time marketing position at Choice Hotels. After spending 2 years working in the

Personal Branding

Personal Branding on LinkedIn: 5 Tips for Students


We’ve heard too much about it. From professors at university or colleagues at work – What’s all the fuss about LinkedIn anyway? The fact of the matter is, like everything else in the world, the process of how people are being hired is changing. Now more than ever, employers and specifically, HR managers want to

Personal Branding

Working in Australia After Graduation – 3 Years On

When I came to Australia, I did not plan to stay after graduation. But five years later, here I am. In the time that I have been in Melbourne, several prospective students planning to come to Australia for higher studies are connecting with me via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. They all have similar questions about

Personal Branding

Personal Branding: Your brand created over time

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LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and even SnapChat are social media giants being used by individuals to connect with others, network and create their own image, ultimately, develop their own brand. Going back to how I got familiar with Personal Branding, when I was working in a startup’s Public Relations department, it was up to to me