Top moments of 2019: A year of love, travel and learning

Prachi Tyagi at University of Melbourne

The year began with me fresh into my role as a digital and content coordinator. After a rejuvenating trip to Delhi, it was a smooth transition back to work. The first part of the year was spent in implementing marketing strategies our team worked on mapping out in late-2018 followed by breaking the year in half with my trip to San Francisco after exactly 20 years (no big deal).

The trip was better than I had imagined – spending time with Dad, my sister and cousin. Our first official attempt at a girl’s trip and we made it in one piece to gorgeous locations in San Francisco and a couple places not so far away. We borrowed dad’s Lexus and drove to Napa (of course our love for wine knows no bound), spent a day with distant cousins in the heart of San Francisco, went out clubbing in downtown Oakland, spent a couple days in Monterey Bay and Big Surr (Big-Little-Lies-style).

Out of all the times we ended up spending some time in front of the TV, one thing always irked me – ads about medicine. Just because pharmaceutical companies read out what the drug is meant to do/be used for doesn’t really give people the right knowledge or expertise to basically subscribe themselves to self-medicate (this topic needs its own post).

Soon after, my favourite professor invited me as a guest speaker at the University of Melbourne’s Master of Marketing Communications networking event. It was an incredible experience talking to current students about life after university. It wasn’t long before another similar opportunity presented itself at the University of Melbourne and this time I was a part of a panel discussing ‘ethics in marketing’ with future marketing students as our audience.

In a time where tech giants are trying their very best to get away without taking any responsibility of how their platforms are being misused – be it a matter of privacy or fake news – it is in the interest of consumers to read between the lines and understand the real cost of sharing their data. A recent research found that 67% of consumers are concerned with the way brands are using their data. This confirms any suspicions that marketers are going to have to find a space where their consumers’ boundaries are respected but as brands they’re also able to deliver personalised and engaging messages. Simple? To put it in a sentence – its going to take corporations a lot of experimenting with their privacy and messaging to get to a point where they can satisfy their consumers. In other words, as we move to a more data-driven marketing world, marketers are going to play an unprecedented role in shaping privacy policy.

Highlights from this year include working on Choice Hotels International’s website rollover to Australia. It was a huge learning experience working with the US to build our website. I also completed a year at Choice Hotels Asia-Pac.

With the Choice team at the launch of the website

This article would not be complete without mentioning watching U2 and RHCP LIVE! Two things crossed off my bucket list.

U2: The Joshua Tree Tour 2019
U2: The Joshua Tree Tour 2019

Oh and another thing…

I GOT ENGAGED! On the 7th of December, my partner and I went to Halls Gap where he proposed in the Grampians. It has to be my favourite moment from 2019. Now, as December begins, I’m keen to fly back to Delhi and make some more memories with close family and friends.