Time’s In A Rush, But Sucker’s Got Nowhere Else To Go

All our lives, growing up, we tend to have an understanding with ourselves, a relationship with our inner voice that comforts us along the way. It is based on this relationship with one’s self that we make all our decisions, our choices and make the absolute contrast distinguish between wrong and right. One situation, another circumstance and voilà!  You suddenly find yourself in a grey area.
This is quite unfamiliar. 

You spend some time here. Ultimately, deciding this is not as comfortable as it seems, its rather a vague nothing you are now in. It doesn’t feel so good anymore. This space either propels you to shoot out stronger, better or you become the victim of its slow but sure fall.So… How do you save yourself from yourself?

You make your choices, one event in your life altered, and then another. As far as I’ve understood life, the mind craves peace. Stability. Marry your morals and principles and you will never drift off from the core you. It is impossible to lose yourself on the foundation of such strong beliefs. Marry your life. Commit to the one person you want in your life forever – You. Commit to self made rules and you will avoid the risk of going insane.

So… How do you keep yourself from being nobody but yourself?

Salvation is in the mind. God might judge our lives and make of what was black and white. But where does God live after all? You are the evergreen judge of you. Salvation is within your core. You have the key. Question is ..Are you living up to the person you really are?

So… Now that you’re here, what are you looking for?

Acceptance or affection or peace? We all come back to the universal answer – Happiness.

So… How do you define Happiness?

Creatures that almost desperately but definitely need something to believe in. Whether call it God, Energy, Power, a certain person or a group of people. Almost magic how one thread of rejection can tear our world down. And that one thread can bring us one level above.

Author: Prachi Tyagi

Public Relations Enthusiast