Studying at the University of Melbourne: How To Be Prepared

studying at the university of melbourne

Why choose UniMelb?

One of the top reasons why prospective students apply to the University of Melbourne is because of its ranking. Just this year, it ranked 32 in the World University Rankings.

the university of melbourne

When I was looking to apply for a master’s degree, I did the same, unaware of the many factors that go behind deciding these uni ranks. I recently read an article by Maggy Liu in Farrago Magazine where she mentions the university’s less than perfect results in surveys that take into account – student support and teaching quality. Just like any other university, the University of Melbourne has areas where it can improve and continues to work towards its development.

Scholarships and employment opportunities at the University of Melbourne

One of the many common questions I get asked by international students is about scholarships. There’s a tiny window of opportunity here and checking out this and this will help you find out more information.

Prospective students (and sometimes even professionals) often ask about the job opportunities after graduation. It’s a hard question to answer since a lot of factors come into play in this scenario. Contrary to how I thought the world move forward, hesitant governments and companies are raising visa concerns for foreigners, including international students. With the constantly changing visa rules, immigration scene, Australian Skilled Occupation List (SOL), its hard to confidently state getting a job is easy. A lot of networking, hard work and dare I say luck – goes into helping you get a job down under.

If you’ve found it hard to score an internship, don’t get frustrated. To be honest, it took me two semesters to get my role as the marketing manager at Antithesis Journal. Use this time to polish your CV, cover letter as well as your LinkedIn profile.

I cannot emphasize enough on how much having a online CV matters in this day and age.

Why LinkedIn Matters

LinkedIn gives you the platform to build your own personal brand, explore the experts in your industry with the possibility to network with them (an opportunity that never existed before!) and if you use it right, LinkedIn helps recruiters shortlist you. If you’re a writer like me, it also gives you a platform to share your work. It’s a gift that keeps on giving tbh.

I’ve spent hours getting my CV right and still continue to edit it. It tried the uni’s MyCV builder to help me with my CV’s format.

Although the university has a complete section dedicated employment support for international students, there are several other ways you can find work in Australia. I’m sharing the following links that will give you a complete idea of the recruitment cycle.

If you’re going to join the University of Melbourne, take a look at my top 15 tips here. Keen to share your UniMelb story with the world? Share your story @humansofunimelb.

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