Spacing Out In Your 20s

 Spacing out.
Oh wait. I was 19 the last time I checked. How does one get to turning 23 in a blink anyway? The transition from your late teens and early twenties is way too smooth for you to even realize it just happened. And that phase my friends, is known as the spacing-out-phase. And I am speaking from it as I jot down a few experiences of my 20s.
Following through plan A’s always gets people to what paths, I will never know. My life is all about plan Bs. Even after my Bachelors I had in mind was a Master’s degree but ended up with plan B instead which was learning mandarin in Beijing.
Living in China has been such an experience. And everyone has different ones. I have met so many different people. And when you start living in a new place and come across new people as often, you have no way out but to discover new things about yourself that you never knew before. And how could you, being in your comfort zone. Having a glass of rum & coke, talking about the likes of International Politics to Ancient Aliens with interesting company, ending with dancing to great music is my definition of a night well spent.
By the time you get to your early twenties you realize the kind of different friends you have and how different you can be with them. We are still going through the rollercoaster of friendship, trying to hang in there with our besties and making too many new friends at a speed never known to us before. And this condition being with friends, with your boyfriend/girlfriend it is ever more so erratic.
With the new lifestyle that this generation has adapted to comes cannabis, with legalize-drugs-please comes crazy music, with this self-conceived genre of music comes bed-heads and skanky heels. And no one is complaining. But who doesn’t feel the pressure of 2012? The obvious bad economy, but thank god I have something to blame not having a job for. The greatest downside being is having a conversation with dad about money. But at times it does occur to me, why is that the number one downside for me when getting a job is actually a dream that I want to achieve selfishly for myself.  Good question. Moving on.
I am shamelessly a part of the generation which is online. We are everything from online social activists, signing petitions to save the dolphins (atleast 2 continents away from us) or as for now the internet itself. Ireporters (thank you CNN), we are the online friends (trying saying hi to me in a mall, yea try it, I dare you). We are also shopping online for food and clothes minus mentioning the explicit stuff.
I’m not complaining but here’s where I do. The turn of events are just getting worse. As time goes-by, time is also flying-by at a surprising speed. (Am I the only one feeling it?) Why is there constant war in Syria right this moment? Why are the US presidential elections the unofficially most important highlight of this year? What does education from a famous university really get/make you? And ultimately what are we really looking in life?
Agreed the level of intensity of each question differs but honestly all of them really put me to think deep with the same level of curiosity and a pinch of frustration which, after you add the job factor to it, leads to mind numbness hence leading back to cannabis and we’re back  into the circle of our generation.
Really makes me think, was it ever so easy for parents and theirs to be born, educate, get a job, get married, and raise a family? If it was, then I am jealous.

Author: Prachi Tyagi

Public Relations Enthusiast

  • shubham narula

    amazing !!

  • Well done Prachi! I love it. What I loved most was how you presented it,(very witty) and how you linked every aspect of modern youth. I could relate to so many things. It’s kinda sad how we are slaves of technology and the ‘online’ mania; how smileys have replaced actual smiles and how skype/facebook chats have replaced one-on-one tete-e-tete. I am ashamed to say that after reading your piece I realised so many things have been going around me that I hadn’t taken notice of, earlier. We are so involved in our fast paced lives, trying to make ends meet, that we forget to notice, appreciate and protect the most important things in our lives; -wake-up call most of us need!

    Kudos girl!

  • Like the way you put down thoughts to words. Well knitted 🙂

  • I am so glad you guys like it. 🙂

  • great blog, I just moved to Beijing and it was great reading your blog…!!! Loved the way you have pen down the anxiety and excitement of moving into 20’s from the teens …!!! Been there, done that 🙂

  • Hi Arunima, I’m really glad you liked my blog. Hope you have also checked out my other blog on living in China:
    It’s fun to keep in touch and talk about the experiences the east brings. Would love to hear about your experiences in Beijing. You can also share them in a Facebook group I’m also a part of called ‘Indians who have studied/studying in China’. 🙂