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5 Reasons Why People Reject Your LinkedIn Invite

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Don’t deny it. You reject a few invitations on LinkedIn based on criteria you got going. Here are 5 main reasons I find myself and my friends put off by some profiles. 1. No Picture Or even worse a picture with sunglasses. What’s the point? Noone can see your face and apparently this is the only

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2015 Has Been All About Creating Your Social Profile

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Back in 2014, how did I get my job as a content developer? Not my graduate degree, not even my super oriental Diploma – but the blog that I starting writing while studying (and traveling) in China got me a job. Living in the internet-era, it has become increasingly important for a person to have

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5 Major Social Media Impacts In 2014

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Recently Facebook completed 10 years of its existence. Believe it or not, 10 years have gone by since you set up our Facebook profiles, filling them up with personal pictures and videos. Amidst the infinite internet matrix, seems like everyone has found a place where they can speak their minds- be it through this social networking site,