Startups Are Here To Stay, Unicorns Might Fade Away #BigIdeas2016

indian startup unicorns

Startups valued over a massive $1 billion are unicorns – you know that fantasy animal that doesn’t exist? In the recent past, Indian unicorns have been in the news. Whether it’s about something as celebratory as receiving huge amounts of funding series after series or a dramatic exit of a co-founder. It’s been a few


4 Reasons Why You Should Bust Your Ass In A Startup


When working in a start-up, you’re not just a part of the company, you’re also building it. Your list of responsibilities never end and neither do your meetings. Your boss is never satisfied, even though you put in 3 Saturdays a month. Startups are all about… well, more. Its been 6 months since I joined Credihealth, and