About Prachi Tyagi

  • prachi tyagi university of melbourne

Prachi Tyagi is a marketing buff who loves to write about the evolution of communication between brands and consumers, innovative content strategies and how new media is helping people connect. She enjoys following global start-up trends and is an untiring advocate for personal branding. To view a list of where she’s been published click here.

Having worked several years in the eCommerce space, Prachi has hands-on experience in building brand reputation and experimenting with marketing strategies to make healthcare approachable to several audience segments.

She has a master’s degree in marketing communications from University of Melbourne and is currently the Digital and Content Coordinator at Choice Hotels Asia-Pac. Prachi has a bachelor’s degree in medical biotechnology from Amity University and a diploma in Mandarin from Beijing Language and Culture University.

Email prachistyagi[at]gmail[dot]com