About Prachi Tyagi

Prachi Tyagi writes about developments in the digital transformation space, public relations and how new media is helping people connect with the use of technology. She enjoys following global start-up trends and is an untiring advocate for personal branding. Here’s a list of where she’s been published here.



prachi tyagi university of melbourne
Prachi Tyagi at the Melbourne Ideas Pitch Night (Oct, 2017)

Having worked over 2 years in an emerging healthcare startup, Credihealth, Prachi has hands-on experience in building brand reputation and experimenting with several marketing strategies to make healthcare more approachable to target audiences.

Her interest in science led to an honours degree in medical biotechnology from Amity University. Following which, she pursued a diploma in Mandarin from Beijing Language and Culture University. Currently, she is a graduate student at the University of Melbourne where she is developing marketing and communication skills that will help create innovative strategies for companies in the digital age.

Email prachistyagi[at]gmail[dot]com